Stainless Steel Sink Maintenance

Besides being affordable, stainless steel sinks also look stylish, giving a modern feel to any kitchen. But regular maintenance should be done as stainless steel is not resistant to damage, such as scratches, grime accumulation, and discoloration.

Metal kitchen tools that rust can stain the sink, and knives and other sharp objects can scratch it. But stainless steel sinks are still among the most durable, and fortunately, it is not hard to maintain them.

Everyday Care

Use fresh water to clean your stainless steel sink after using it. Then, with water still running, wipe it with a cloth to remove food residue. After rinsing, dry it with a clean cloth or paper towel. If the sink is left to dry on its own after rinsing, white spots will smudge your sink, formed from the minerals left when the water has dried.

When your sink already has these white stains, remove them by rubbing a cloth saturated with full-strength white vinegar on the marks. When the spots have been removed, rinse your sink and dry it appropriately.

Weekly Maintenance

Besides the daily cleaning, weekly maintenance is also necessary to keep the appearance and functionality of your stainless steel sink.

Deep cleaning is necessary every week using a brush with soft bristles. Be careful with using your brush to avoid scratching your sink. If you don’t trust yourself with a brush, sprinkle baking soda over the sink, then rub a clean, moist cloth over the baking soda. When you see that the sink has been polished, rinse it and then dry it with a clean, dry cloth.

Do not use a steel wool in cleaning your sink. Tiny iron particles may be left behind, which could rust and stain your sink.

Professional Cleaning

For tough cleaning concerns, it may be necessary to use strong chemicals. However, it is usually best to employ a professional cleaning service to ensure that the chemicals are properly used and avoid damage to your sink and your health.

A competent janitorial cleaning service understands the makeup of the cleaning chemicals, so they know how to use it and the proper way of thoroughly cleaning the work area after using the chemicals.

Stainless steel sinks are investments because they can remain functional for many years. But between then and now, of course you have to care for your stainless steel sink for it to last that many years.

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