Tips on Floor Maintenance

Ah, the floor. We use it all the time, but most of the time, we simply forget about it. Floors are part of the overall structure of our homes, so they must be given the same amount of attention that we give to the other parts.

There are different types of floors, and each may require a different kind of cleaning. Among the most common types are hardwood and vinyl. To give you ideas on how to care for these, here are a few tips.


Maintenance of hardwood floor entails understanding the kind of finish used. You also have to take note of any specific recommended cleaning procedure by the manufacturer. Usually, constant cleaning is required for hardwood floors because small particles, like sand and dirt, can damage the surface. You can use a soft-bristled brush or a terry cloth mop, which is considered the ideal implement for cleaning a hardwood floor, because it picks up dirt without damaging the surface of the floor.

When using cleaning products for new floors, consider those that the manufacturer recommends. Damage to the floor caused by use of non recommended products is not covered under most warranties. For mopping old floors, you can spray a mixture of water and vinegar, equal parts, and then mop.

When moving furniture, always lift them to avoid scraping the surface, and place mats or rugs in areas often walked on to keep off dirt.


Vinyl floors are hard and waterproof, so they are quite low maintenance. When cleaning vinyl, vacuuming can save time. Vacuums are faster and more efficient for cleaning powdery spills than good old sweeping.

Be careful in using cleaners and polishes that are solvent based as they can damage the surface. You can use those that are water based or the all-purpose ones. Or, you can mix 2 gallons of warm water and a cup of vinegar to clean sticky spills on the vinyl. This alternative was offered by the Oregon Regional Metro Government.

Another concoction offered by the department is for removing stubborn marks from shoes with rubber soles. The mixture is composed of baking soda and soap that is vegetable based.

These are easy do-it-yourself methods on floor maintenance. However, there may be certain situations when you need the help of a commercial cleaning service. Just be sure to choose a competent one. Most commercial janitorial cleaning services that have been in the business for a long time have the competence and know-how to do a good job.

Floor maintenance is relatively easy, but when the cleaning gets tough, go hire a reliable commercial maintenance service.

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