Types of Carpet Cleaning

We always want our carpets to stay clean for as long as possible. But there are certain types of carpet problems that we can’t deal with on our own. For these kinds, it is recommended to employ janitorial cleaning services to get the job done appropriately.

Carpet cleaning depends on many factors. Not only the amount of dirt but also the type of material that your carpet is made of is taken into consideration. Professional commercial cleaning service understands these factors and knows the best method that’ll fit your carpet’s needs.


This method entails the application of special detergents on the carpet, which is agitated using a carpet cleaning machine. Then the carpet is vacuumed to remove the shampoo. The detergents used usually contain substances that make your carpet look and smell clean. But sometimes this method is not effective in totally removing some microorganisms and certain types of dirt.

Dry Cleaning

This is ideal if you want fast results as no drying is necessary. The carpet is covered with a unique cleaning powder that functions like a magnet attracting dirt. Then after a few minutes, the carpet is thoroughly vacuumed to remove the powder with the dirt.

Foam Carpet Cleaning

This process is a combination of dry cleaning and carpet shampooing. A small amount of water and foam that attracts dirt are used. After a few minutes of letting the foam work into the carpet, the water, foam, and dirt are extracted by vacuuming the carpet.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

This method is typically done in commercial buildings only. It is intended primarily to restore the appearance of building carpeting instead of providing thorough cleaning, so it is not ideal for residential carpeting. Also, it may damage home carpets as these are usually made of a different type of material from what most industrial carpets are made of.

In bonnet carpet cleaning, a chemical detergent is applied to the carpet, then an absorbent pad is placed on a machine to extract the foam with the dirt.

Steam Cleaning

Also known as hot water extraction, this process is considered the most effective carpet cleaning. A solution of detergent and hot water is injected into the carpet using a sophisticated cleaning machine. Commercial maintenance services that offer steam cleaning have these powerful machines, which are also used to extract the solution with the dirt and microbes.

Most of these methods are too complicated to be done on our own, so when necessary, don’t hesitate to invest in a competent janitorial cleaning service. It will surely pay off in the end because we can be assured of clean carpets and quality service.

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