Things to Remember when doing your Spring Office Cleaning

office work placeWhen spring arrives, it means spring cleaning will be at the top of your agenda. Contrary to popular belief, offices need to be cleaned as thoroughly when this season comes around not only because it opens up more space, but it can save you a lot of money down the line.

Think about it. When you office space is free of clutter, it can do wonders for productivity; studies have shown that employees feel better about their jobs and the companies they work for when their work space is clean and organized. A cluttered office sends the wrong message and has a negative impact from the top down.

While a commercial janitorial service can do wonders and will save you a lot of hassle, there are some things you can do to make your office cleaner:

Start with ‘Lost and Found’

If your office has a lost and found bin, then chances are it is overflowing with unclaimed items. To reduce the clutter, put out a notice to everyone that they have a couple of days to claim anything that might be missing from the box and after time’s up, donate all of the leftover items to charities such as Goodwill.

De-clutter the Office Kitchen

It can be very hard to maintain an organized office kitchen since it is shared by the rest of the employees. No one takes responsibility for their mess for one thing and chances are yours is filled to capacity with unclaimed lunch boxes as well. Sure you can hire a janitorial cleaning service to take care of the mess, but if you prefer to do some spring cleaning before they arrive, you can start by de-cluttering the mess and sanitizing the kitchen.

Do not Forget the Windows!

Dirty glass windows and sills will impact your company’s image. More new clients are lost to them than anything else. After all, would you like to do business with someone who does not give importance to appearances? The good news is that even the toughest stains and grime can be scoured away with a good cleaning solution so be sure to invest in one that works.

Give the Break Room a thorough Rinse

Since lunch is often stored and prepared in this room, it needs to be clean to ensure everyone’s health and safety. A clean break room also does wonders for employee morale so in order to ensure it stays that way the refrigerator needs to be kept organized and the counters need to be wiped clean every day, the microwave should be free of residue left over from past lunches.

Bottom Line

A clean office means happier/productive employees which is only good for business. Leave the heavy duty cleaning to a commercial maintenance service and you can get a clean office without going through the hassle.  Besides appropriate training, this service equips its personnel with everything they need to ensure a hygienic and safe office space.

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