Your Office—How Often Should it be Cleaned

Most offices have a professional cleaning service come in after hours and clean the office, but how often should they do this. This question has no right or wrong answer since it depends on the office because each office has their own set of requirements. When a professional commercial cleaning service is being hired, there are certain factors that will be taken into consideration when a schedule is set up.


For sanitation and general health safety, they should be cleaned every day. The professional cleaners will clean the toilets, sinks, restock paper towels if a dispenser is used, make sure there is enough toilet paper in each stall, the mirrors, walls, and sink counters will be wiped down and sanitized. The soap dispensers will also be filled and the floor mopped and sanitized. If the restrooms are used by customers the office staff will have to check them during the day.

Break rooms and kitchens

These are hot-spots for the spread of germs and some common touch points are the dirtiest like the countertops, microwave, sinks, door handles, and so forth. All the appliances, tables, countertops, door handles, faucets, should be wiped down and disinfected each day. The microwave should also be cleaned every day.


Your lobby is the first thing that your clients see so you want to make sure that it gives them a good first impression. Depending on the amount of traffic that your office(s) get, the lobby should be cleaned every few days. Most professional cleaning services will vacuum the area each night and dust any pictures, artificial plants, lights etc.

Employee desks and surrounding area

A professional cleaning service should clean and disinfect some of the most commonly touched items like:

  • Computer keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Calculators
  • Phones

They can be cleaned by using disinfecting wipes to get rid of the germs. If the surface of the desk is clean you could spray a dust rag with some furniture polish and lightly wipe off the desk and chair. The trashcan will need to be emptied, carpet vacuumed, and wall art and books should be dusted.


The windowsills should be dusted regularly, usually once a week but they should be checked each day to make sure that they are clean. Sometimes offices will hire a professional window cleaning company. The company that cleans the office may even have those that only clean windows. Typically, they should be cleaned two times a year with spot cleaning done daily. There are factors to consider when determining a window-cleaning schedule.

  • Location of the office—if the office is close to a busy street or highway then your windows may become dirtier faster so they may need cleaning more often.
  • Landscape—if there is mulch around the building or trees that drip a lot of sap, the windows may need frequent cleaning to get rid of the dust build-up or sticky residue.
  • Weather—when it rains a lot, you will need to wash the windows more often in order to remove the mineral deposits that are left behind by the rain.


Carpet should be vacuumed every night. They should be cleaned weekly, preferably on a Friday so it has the weekend to dry. Hardwood floors should be dust mopped every day and if the floor in the break room is tile or linoleum, then it should be mopped every night. If there is a lot of rain or snow being tracked into the office(s) then the floors will need to be cleaned more often.

You can clean a dirty hardwood floor using a damp mop after dusting the floor or using a lightweight vacuum cleaner on the floor. Carpets and hardwood floors should get a thorough cleaning two times a year to keep them in good shape and to remove built-up grime.


Deep cleaning your office can change the environment in your office for the better – improve air quality, ecological health and safety, and ensuring your employees health isn’t at risk. This is why hiring a professional commercial cleaning services is so important.


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