How To Deal With Mold Remediation

The growth of mold is one of those problems that home owners and building managers have to face every other day. Mold causes destruction to the beauty of a building plus it poses a health risk to the occupants. Building owners and managers normally address the issue, but when the problem becomes widespread, professional help must be sought.

Commercial maintenance companies offer mold remediation as a service but as the home owner, it is your duty to select the best.

Situation assessment

Once you select the right professional, the first step they will take is perform a situation assessment in your home or building. In order to perform this step well, professionals will have to move furniture, pull carpet, and examine behind the walls.

The situation assessment allows professionals to determine the reason for the presence of mold. According to experts, water intrusion is known to be the primary cause. Items susceptible to water intrusion include ceilings, wall interiors, basements and carpets. Another contributor of mold growth is excessive humidity in the building.

Problem Area Containment and Mold Removal

When professionals confirm the presence of mold, the next step is the execution of a mold remediation program. Experienced professionals can identify the different types of mold. This allows them to execute the right plan to address the issue appropriately. For instance, if professionals identify presence of black mold, the whole area will be cordoned off using plastic since black mold is toxic.

Majority of the damaged porous material will have to be removed; for example, the carpet and wooden floors. While this is a tedious task and may affect the stability of your home, professionals will always consult home owners and building managers before proceeding. The use of chemicals to kill mold is the preferred method and so professionals inform home owners and building managers before beginning.

Air filtration

Once mold has been removed, it’s time to clean the air of mold spores. Professionals know how to perform this procedure. The first step to be completed by a professional is lower relative humidity. Leaks that would cause future water intrusion will be fixed. HEPA air filters will be used to remove airborne spores and they will be kept running for days to ensure complete removal of spores.

One thing you need to know is that mold remediation is not an easy maintenance service. Lots of assessment and planning is required for great results. This is why it’s important for home owners and building managers to have the right information that will ensure the selection of the best service provider.

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