Important Questions A Business Owner Should Be Asking Their Janitorial Service

Most business owners find themselves in the awkward cycle of firing and hiring new prospective janitorial vendors. They hire based on price tag alone, and when they get poor cleaning services on a consistent basis, they complain and ultimately fire so that the process of hiring a commercial cleaning service can start again. But if only they changed how the hiring process is done, such a thing would be very rare. That is also the reason why some business owners have decided to settle for mediocre cleaning services because their expectation is low.

Still, it isn’t the mistake of business owners, why? Because most of these firms that pose as a professional janitorial service will look and smell clean. They tend to look very professional at first, not until someone hires them. Thankfully, that is about to change with the following points.

Basically, every business owner should ask the following questions:

Employee screening

It’s quite obvious that janitorial services will have a number of employees working for them. But how exactly does this hiring process take place? What level of training do these workers have to achieve in order to qualify for the job? Also, you may want to know whether or not specialized training and certification is offered to employees. And if this is the case, ask them the requirements needed in order for their employees to obtain subsequent certification.


Good communication is essential in ensuring that smooth service delivery takes place. Communication can be done in person, through phone or email – whichever is convenient. The bottom line is that the janitorial service in question must provide a convenient way to communicate with them and keep track of their progress. This can be done via web-based software where relevant persons can log details such as time, work done, orders and inspection outcome.

Liability or insurance coverage

The janitorial service should be equipped with some kind of insurance coverage. And then you’d need to find out the limit of that coverage just to be sure. This should also come with workers’ compensation plan which covers injuries that might arise on your premises. Also, please take note that even though these employees are not your responsibility to look after, you risk being held liable in the event that the company is treating its workers unethically and the court happens to find that you were aware of all this.

Quality Control

Find out if the janitorial service which you are hiring is adhering to strict quality control procedures which ensure that only top-notch service is delivered in your premises. Ideally, you’d want to know how they are going to do their job in your premises. Most cleaning companies with some sort of quality control policy will pay attention to high traffic surfaces such as door knobs, phones, light switches etc. These surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly to reduce the potential of spreading illness-causing germs.

How complaint resolution is handled

The janitorial service should have a clear-cut channel or process in which complaints are handled promptly. Complaints are bound to arise in the process, and the speed with which they are addressed can make a big difference.


Those 5 questions should be tackled the moment you zero down to a suitable commercial cleaning service. This interviewing process may look intensive. But it can be a time-saver in the long run because you won’t need to replace your cleaning service any time soon.

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