5 Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring a Janitorial Service for your Business

You have probably heard a lot of horror stories when it comes to hiring a professional janitorial service. They are there to make your life easier, but if you are not aware what to look out for, hiring the wrong cleaning company for your business can turn into a nightmare. Let us look at some of the mistakes you must avoid when hiring a professional cleaning service.

Make sure the cleaning service is above board

This may be overly melodramatic but it is important that the service you are hiring does background and drug tests on their staff – you don’t just want anybody walking into your business.Particularly if you have valuables around your business, you want to ensure you can trust the cleaning company and the people who work forthem.

Avoid Iron Clad Contracts – Just Say NO

Some cleaning companies tend to lock you in a contract which is not easy to cancel and comes with a high penalty if you cancel the contract early. It should be a big red flag if the cleaning company is more concerned with a contract than the actual service they’re providing. Look for a janitorial service that doesn’t lock you into a contract and that allows you to cancel whenever you want.

Be Protected Against the Unexpected

It might seem like general knowledge to ensure the cleaning company you are hiring has liability insurance and a business license, but it is surprising to know that many people actually ignore this easy, yet extremely vital step.

Do some investigating and ask questions

Try to find out what products the company uses and how they go about training their employees. Ensure they use appropriate cleaning products that are not harmful which is why it is better to see if they use green products. If there are any schedule changes or holidays it is also best to ensure the cleaning company has sufficient employees.

You Get What You Pay For

You might have seen how these fly-by-night cleaning businesses offer reduced prices which often seems quite appealing, but could cost you more in the end. What allows them to offer such low prices is the fact they are not paying for proper training and certification. Take note though, many cleaning companies have add-on fees which also enables them to offer such low prices. Once you get the bill and see all the add-on fees, it night not look so appealing after all.

We hope these tips will benefit you when choosing a proficient cleaning service. Your staff and customers deserve a clean working environment, so avoid these mistakes we have discussed and hire a cleaning service that you can trust.

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