What are the 5 things to look for in a good janitorial service?

Hiring a commercial janitorial service is a necessity if you are a business owner who interacts with clients on a daily basis. If your office is tidy and neat, clients will automatically see that you’re organized, and they will trust your reputation. What is more, when your office or business premise is clean, it promotes productivity among employees.

But hiring should be done intentionally.   It should be done while keeping certain factors in mind. Those factors have been listed below.

Experience or the number of years they’ve been operating

When it comes to hiring a commercial janitorial service, you need a team of experienced individuals who will keep your premises sparkling clean. Although experience comes at a huge price tag, you will quickly learn why they are worth that much. For example, experienced cleaners won’t stumble with mistakes that are typically made by people who are new in the industry.

Older companies simply perfect their techniques so that everything is molded out by wisdom and elevated by the number of years they’ve remained in operation. At least you’ll be assured of the fact that you’re not paying people who haven’t mastered the basics yet.

Employee turnover

Your contractor should ensure that cleaning services are provided on a consistent basis regardless of whether or not tasks are being done by the same worker. Because you’re paying for this service, you should not be able to tell whether or not a particular employee is on vacation or has quit his duties. These occurrences should not affect the cleaning services which you pay for. And one way of making sure that this does not happen is to hire well established contractor since these companies tend to have enough resources which would ensure consistent delivery of services.

Fortunately, it is always easy to know these things in advance. You might want to know if the contractor always checks their employee backgrounds and whether they have a daily or weekly routine that is clearly communicated and followed by their workers.

Proof of consistency or reliability

This is a matter of asking for references which the cleaning company should readily make available. Once you have these details, you can call the various businesses that this cleaning service has worked for. You’d then get an overview of what quality control measures are in place and how consistent the services of this commercial janitorial service are.

Complaint Resolution

When complaints arise, the company should be able to solve it immediately. The channels that are used to address problems are extremely important as they determine how soon your complaint will be addressed. Also, the cleaning company should have field supervisors who will readily take note of complaints so that they can be resolved amicably.


Flexibility of your janitorial service is important when your business has flexible working hours. You do not want to find yourself in a scenario where clients have to interact with you in an untidy business environment because your cleaning service wasn’t able to make it that day. Ask them how flexible they are during the hiring process. Seek to know if they can occasionally adjust their schedule to fit your business requirements. If so, you can agree on a budget.


There are many commercial janitorial services around your area. But hiring the best is a matter of considering the above factors. If the cleaning company in question ticks these items on your checklist, you could consider hiring them.

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