7 Questions You Should Ask Your Commercial Cleaning Services Company

Companies today consider outsourcing cleaning services to address their sanitation needs instead of having employees who will take care of such needs but will definitely cost way more.  However, there are certain questions that need to be asked in terms of hiring a commercial cleaning services company as there are a host of options to choose from and you cannot just pick one without following a certain set of criteria.

How has the company performed in the past considering the quality of work they have delivered to their clients?

With the advent of outsourced cleaning services, a lot of  new companies have mushroomed and a company cannot simply trust a newbie company with access to its premises and all its properties without a background check on its past performance.

What are the cleaning methods employed by the company?

The knowledge of this will also ascertain whether everything that the company will do inside the premises will ensure high quality cleaning as it will impact the environment and the people living in or working inside a particular establishment.

What are the chemicals and equipment used to clean?

Aside from the level of quality that will be displayed depending on the materials to be used as well as the capital investments into equipment that the company made, the preference as to this particular aspect will prove the company’s desire to continuously maintain their good reputation as a high quality and environment and people friendly institution.

What will be the scope of work of the company?

This is important to know what areas of your institution will be covered by their services.

What will be the cost of their services?

Although quality is important, price is also an important concern.

How does the company screen their employees? 

Clients are not just concerned about a clean environment but also a safe one free from theft of any kind. The quality of the service provided will not matter much if properties no matter how small will be discovered to be gone after the service is complete.

Are there value-added and specialty services included in a work package?

These may include nitty-gritty services such as waxing of hard surfaces, carpet cleaning, and graffiti removal among others.  

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